Rhuger Mixture For Infants & Babies 100ml

$29.90 NZD



  • With rhubarb & ginger.
  • Winding & feeding support.

Rhuger Mixture is an effective alternative formula with natural Rhubarb and Ginger extracts. For safe and gentle relief in infants and babies with winding and feeding problems and associated symptoms.

Rhuger is best given before feeds and in small frequent doses. It is most effective when the dose is warmed to body temperature. This can be done by warming a teaspoon with hot water, or by using a little expressed breastmilk, before administering directly to baby. Rhuger can be added to formula or given during feeds. Give Rhuger separately to Gavison, thickeners or Losec and Ranitidine.


Active ingredients per 1ml:   
Rhubarb liquid extract               0.015ml 
Ginger liquid extract  0.0075ml 
Magnesium carbonate powder  


For best results, faster action and a pleasant taste, dose with an equal amount of warm water or expressed breastmilk.

Babies (2 weeks) 0.5ml up to SIX times a day.

Infants (3 months & over) 2ml up to SIX times a day.

Adjust dose as baby grows and symptoms ease.

Shake well before use. Once opened, keep refrigerated.