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These are now a must have in our house

I don't know how these work, but they do!
They are not a sleeping tablet and there does not seem to be any kind of side effect from them, but they just seem to ease your mind. When I have too much on my mind, if I take one of these before bed, I just seem to have a far more settled and undisturbed sleep, which also means I tend to sleep longer instead of waking in the wee hours of the morning and starting to run through all of life's little challenges!
I actually bought an extra pack this time to send on to a friend.
Oh, and, the blackcurrant ones seem to be the flavour of choice for the kids (11 & 13) who occasionally have trouble settling.
And delivery, was great. No delays in level 3 and good communication.

Slack Pangpon Balm

When I was travelling in NZ my back completely seized up after a long road trip. The local chemist recommended Slack Pangpon Balm and the next morning the stiffness in my back had completely disapppeared. I am now finding it is providing relief for an arthritic knee. I couldn't find a supplier in the UK but I had so much faith in the balm that I have had a supply sent from NZ, Thank you to ibuypharmacy for excellent service and packing which helped product to arrive in good condition.

I never get sick of this flavour it's great and it works!

slack pangpon balm

provides great relief for arthritic joints.

Help with macular

I have used a few different products to help with macular degeneration, but this one is the best price for ingredients needed for the AREDS 2 formula.

Good service & fast delivery 🚚

Excellent iron supplement, so easy to take

Spatone have now put out an apple flavored liquid iron and it totally masks the metallic iron taste. No more mixing into drinks just drink it straight from the sachet, super convenient.
I have tried several other liquid iron products but always return to Spatone. I have IBS and a very sensitive digestive system and this is the only product that has never given me a problem. Iron levels are now back where they should be so my Dr. Is happy too

Great product

I've been using the helioplax 360 for years and I love that it gives a little bit of coverage while protecting my skin. This has been nice for my dry skin.


Best non drowsy anti histamine. All other non drowsy ones make me tired. This one doesn't.

Amazing Service

Fantastic service - ordered one day delivered the next. Great product.

Nutra-Life Biolane Seatone Green Lipped Mussel

I have been taking this supplement for more than 10 years and it has kept my knees and joints in good order! Will continue to use this product!

Great service - posted ASAP after lockdown

My youngest was really upset during lockdown and these are so great to help little (and big people) calm. As soon as level 4 lifted they were on their way and I am hugely grateful. Many thanks from this Mama.

Fabulous stuff!

This is a great product and a good
way to take vitamin C. I take one sachet at night before bed to assist in cell repair.
A better price at ibuypharmacy and super fast delivery.

Excellent service. Love shopping with ibuy.


Have been using this balm to ease the pain of torn shoulder tendons. Now on my second jar. It helps me sleep as well.

Waterpik Ultra Plus Water Flosser

The service was prompt. I had the product within 2 days and the product is what they advertised. Many thanks!

Very helpful product

Have found the FS6 compression foot sleeve to be the best option in managing Plantar Fasciitis.
Great support and true to description.
Sizing chart accurate and can now walk more comfortably.
Physio happy with my choice too.

Viviscal Womens supplements

These really help with lessening of hair shedding. I've been taking Viviscal now for 5-6 months, and am now seeing a real improvement.

Not sure

It doesn’t suds up like my usual one, which I can’t find any more, but it seems to work ok and haven’t had any adverse effects. Been using it for a couple of months.

Great, comfortable mask

I've had one of these masks for a few months - it's super-comfortable and easy to wash and dry. Expensive, but worth it.

Doesn't work for me

I bought this to use on my facial hair and after trying it out four seperate times now there has been no noticable results. I have fair skin and wanted to lighten the hair on my upper lip but this doesn't even lighten my blonde peach fuzz. Would not recommend


Hello ibuy pharmacy,
from start (placing the order) to finish (delivery of the order) was super, as is the skin creme itself!
Many happy regards from the Netherlands,
Rob Metz

It is good stuff and works well BUT wash hand well after using, don't use it and then go to the loo this tend to get very hot

Awesome product

Great product and service

Excellent service

Excellent deal and the product arrived the following day.