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Awesome service super fast delivery,

Very Happy

ibuy is a fantastic pharmacy very friendly and give you exactly what you ask for.

Glad to find these vitamins

I am so happy to be able to find these vitamins. I have found it really hard to find these vitamins. I have to take two of these a day as part of my barriatic vitamin intake and they can be difficult to source.

Viviscal Man - worth it

Have been using this for 3 months and has reduced hair fall, should have started sooner… will continue using.

The best night cream I've found

This is absolutely the best night cream I have found yet. I have "normal" skin type and this cream feels delicious and nourishing and my skin feels softer. I am also using it for daytime under foundation and it works well for me for this too.

Good product

Couldn't live with out it..allergic to wax and laser grows back. So bleaching it is. Works well. Just follow instructions 😊

Fast service and great price

Don't order from anywhere else, always the best

Fast service and great price

Don't order from anywhere else, the best every time

Good service thanks Fast delivery
keep up the good work

Excellent Service

Great product, good price and speedy delivery. Highly recommended pharmacy *****

vitamin B12

Very Good People to deal with and Buy From!

Dry Eye relief

Excellent product recommended by my Optometrist for Dry Eyes.
Great price from IBuy.


The only hay fever tabs that work for my husband, and not many chemists sell them

The only good soaking, cleaning and wetting solution for hard lenses

This lens fluid (Total Care) is the only solution available that really works, and I really hope it remains available. Other products cake up into rubbery strings on the lids and rims of the lens case, or simply can't be used for multiple purposes, i.e. cleaning, soaking, wetting. I have had hard (gas permeable) contact lenses for 60 years, by the way (really) and have tried all products available.

Doctor's Best Ubiquinol

Great product. Works well. My GP's recommendation.

Hayfexo 180mg 70s

I've tried Drs prescribed antihistamines, telfast etc. Neither worked till I came across ibuypharmacy. These hayfexo are so affective, relieving my sneezing, itchy watery eyes, itchy skin within a couple of minutes and even better one tablet keeps on working for 2 days which every other antihistamine cannot do. I've tried them all and nothing comes close to Hayfexo. I can go on with my day as normal and sleep well now. Very satisfied happy customer with product, spontaneous service and delivery. Thank you ibuypharmacy.

Great Product

I use these for my dog for a condition that he has and they certainly help him. Fantastic price!

Would recommend

Great price on this product which is currently out of stock in most other places. Quick and easy to buy online and shipped immediately. Thank you, ibuypharmacy!

Great value and reliable delivery

Great product. I use this for my hard contact lens for cleaning and storage 2in1 for over 8years. Very good price. Best solution for reusable contact lenses

Excellent product

Have no worries with this product. Helps with urinary infection as advertised as well as stomach acid/indigestion.

Defect container

Used the product twice and both times after using had liquid running down my fingers due to a defect in the container the product is in. Otherwise the product seems to be doing what it should, but for the price of the product, I felt I was wasting my money due to the leaking bottle.

Works well, white cast

I purchased this product 6 months ago and have been using it sparingly since then. This sunscreen has a thick creamy texture which is expected given the price. I have not had any issues with the effectiveness, I always feel like this sunscreen protects my face well. The reason I am hesitant to use this more often is because it has still got a noticeable white cast which washes my face out, and because of the thickness of the sunscreen it also feels quite heavy. Overall I will definitely use this product in the warmer months but would not buy again as I would hope to find something that doesn't give off much of a white cast and is lighter on the skin. This would be great on non facial areas though if you burn easily and want a bit more extra coverage :)

Excellent product

Slack balm is an excellent product for relieving aches,pains and joint pain. Since using this I have referred many people to use it and they have all said the same. Its excellent for muscle and joint pain relief. I highly recommend this product.