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A great toothpaste

Not your usual minty toothpaste, but this has a great taste and clean mouth feel. I wouldn't, however, call it a gel. It's a paste.


Great service, Great price and fast delivery

5 star product....

Would not be without our daily dose...has helped memory like nothing else.

So far this is the only hair growth supplement that has worked wonders. My hair fall has been reduced and I can see baby hair growing around my forehead. I have recommended viviscal to all my friends 😊

Great absorption rate

I've been using these to treat my cracked sores caused by eczema. Worked like a dream


A 5P Trade! Excellent Product, Price, Pack, Post, Prompt. Thankyou.


A 5P Trade! Excellent Product, Price, Pack, Post, Prompt. Thankyou.

Suitable for vegans

As a good source of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids, not coming from fish, this product is a good solution. --- Clinicians confirmed by email that this product is certified vegan (to alleviate any doubt, as the label says "sustainable vegan source" and "vegetable capsules" but does not clearly mention "suitable for vegans".) They even sent me the certificate from NZVS.

Great service

Always prompt service and easy to find what I need, thank you :)

Superior B Complex Supplement! 10/10

This is the best B Complex supplement we’ve tried! In the first 24hrs we noticed a significant boost in energy, and greater alertness in the evening when we’d usually be feeling the strenuous but satisfying crunch of another busy, long day!

(Tip: Unless you’re a night-worker, we suggest taking supplement earlier in the day to make the most of energy increase.)

Does this supplement live up to its own hype? We certainly think so! There were significant improvements for us from the very first capsule, so it has to be a high quality, bioavailable formulation, and definitely lives up to its claim of “superior uptake.”

Additional benefits we’ve experienced so far: improved sleep quality (by about 35/ 40%,) improved skin clarity.

In a nutshell, excellent product, excellent value!

RECOMMEND HIGHLY TO ALL. Thanks Good Health, and thanks iBuyPharmacy! 10/10

So handy!

This stuff works quickly and as it is in a tube that you can slip into a pocket or a bag you can retrieve and use it easily anywhere. Very discrete relief from a dry, uncomfortable mouth immediately!

im very pleased with the service very quick i usually deal with ibuy now

Awesome product

This is my fav Optifast flavor and product. Great taste, been drinking it for over 10 years!!

Great product

I’ve been drinking this shake for over 10 years now. Good taste although I prefer the coffee flavor :)

Great taste easy for kids before bed

Great Vitamin

great products at a very good price, fast shipping even from another country. I would buy this products again from the same Pharmacy

Simply delicious and refreshing!

This has become a staple in the shower, it lasts for ages but also cool that it’s natural and so affordable here. Thanks

Good fast service

easy to to order fast service

Optifast Chocolate bar

Excellent price and very fast delivery

Great service and fast delivery

Great service and fast delivery

Quality product and great service


Have been taking daily for the last few years. Recommended by skin specialist after losing the tip of my nose to skin cancer.

Great product. We use it every morning in our green shake.


Takes about 3 months to see noticeable difference but stick with it, worth it, onto my 3rd bottle and have recommended to friends.

Gave me my sleep back

Great product, helped me get my sleep patterns back.