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Amazing Service and great product

Excellent service, excellent price, highly recommended

Easy Purchase

Received the order within 3 days.

Convenient option and well priced

We have taken bowel build now for many years and it is helping us in many ways to keep our bowel healthy

Great Stuff

I've been using Lyprinol now for just over a year for my arthritis in my hands and it has made a sufficient difference to my hands. I ran out thinking that I would see how it goes and within the week I knew I had arthritis. I recommend this as a great natural supplement to take to relieve the pain. Cheers, Syd.

Very good price

Great price, free shipping, will review actual product in four months.

I have been taking Vital greens every morning for six years now and would not start my day without it. I blend it with water and a banana. So easy and palatable. All what my body needs from one source. Ibuy Pharmacy appears to sell it at the best price.

Calcium Magnesium Zinc supplement: useful for vegans

If you follow a 100% plant based diet, you might benefit from taking Ca, Mg, and Zn supplement. For example, I don't eat milk, cheese or other dairy products so I worry about my calcium intake. Taking 3 Solgar tablets a day provides me with 1,000 mgr of calcium: that is one gram per day, the recommended intake for men my age. I trust Solgar because it is one of the very few brands clearly labeling their products "suitable for vegans".

Vitamin B12: vital for vegans

If you follow a 100% plant based diet, you NEED vitamin B12 supplement, as it is not available from plants. Vegans who fail to take B12 supplement could face severe health issues such as anemia, nervous system injury, etc. Thankfully Solgar B12 is cheap, easy to take (put it under your tongue and let it dissolve) and tastes great (cherry flavour). Been taking it for six years and my blood test results show that my B12 level is always way above the normal average (Having a high B12 level is not a risk.)

Very good!

Very good!Good price!
For me and for my wife is super efficient

Lifestream Aloe Vera juice.

The best place to buy them, and delivered in fast time. Thank you.

NeilMed Satchets

The only place to buy them, best price and with prompt delivery Thank you. Pat Fulton

Fungal nail treatment

Product arrived promptly,well packaged,and at a competitive price even allowing for the freight cost.Thanks for the great service.

Panadol to the rescue

Always good to have on hand ... pointless buying the smaller packets when you've got a family that will use if required.

pangpon balm

great service received within two days have started using this balm so waiting to feel results

i find these very good we take them all year around also the price is good also the speed we receive our order is very quick

Good merchant.

Fast. Good price. Very happy with my experience.

i have just started o urox so am hoping it works for me also you are ver prompt with sending parcels thankyou

Always great service and fast delivery

Great buy.

Great price. Great pills that do work.

Life Changing!

I started reacting to the sun badly (welts, painful burning red skin patches) in my late 20s. Dermatologist tried all sorts, had me tested for everything - Basically I had developed an allergy to the summer sun :/ Nothing helped until I found this - now I can be out all day and not break out in bright red patches anymore! (Still wearing sunscreen - nuetrogena have one that also has heliocare which seems to work well). I will use these pills forever but gosh its annoying how hard they are to find in NZ!

Love this product! Great turn around delivery too!

All is good with product and service - thank you

Great product!

Easy to consume & best price!

No need to spend time reviewing. The goods arrived safely packaged yesterdayf Friday 20 November. Thanks. Tony