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  • For low mood.
  • Helps relieve sadness.

Thomspsons Mood Manager is a combination of vitamins and mood enhancing nutrients notably S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) to help enhance mood and relieve sadness. SAMe is used in Europe as a prescription medicine to treat depression.

SAMe is a naturally occurring compound that is found in almost every tissue and fluid in the body. SAMe helps produce and breaks down brain chemicals, such as serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. These chemicals play a very important role in helping to maintain normal mood and keep emotions stable. Many studies have looked at SAMe’s impact on improving mood and research has shown that SAMe is effective in elevating mood. Each Thompsons Mood Manager capsule contains the clinically trialed dosage of 200mg of SAMe.

Thompsons Mood Manager also provides vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid. SAMe works with vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid. Deficiency in these 3 vitamins may reduce levels of SAMe in our body. They are also necessary for the production of mood enhancing brain chemicals.

Tyrosine and omega-3 fish oil are also included in this formulation. Tyrosine is an amino acid needed to make various mood-enhancing brain chemicals such as serotonin. Omega-3 fish oil has been shown to help with depression.


Active ingredients per capsule  
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 25mg
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 50mcg
Folic acid 90mcg
Ademethionine disulphate tosylate 200mg
equiv SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine)  
L-Tyrosine 12.5mg
Fish oil 500mg
providing omega-3 EPA 150mg DHA 60mg  


Adults - Take 1 to 2 capsules a day (on an empty stomach) or as professionally prescribed.


We recommend consulting with your doctor or pharmacist before starting Thompsons Mood Manager to ensure it is suitable for you.

Not to be taken during pregnancy or with antidepressant medication unless under the advise of your natural health practitioner.

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