TePe Interdental Brushes 0.7mm Size 4 Yellow 6




  • Plastic coated wire.
  • User-friendly ergonomic handle.
  • Flexible neck G2™ for improved durability and improved access to hard to reach areas.
  • Developed in colloboration with Swedish dental expertise.

TePe Interdental Brushes are developed in collaboration with Swedish and international dental expertise. The unique handle is the result of a comprehensive research programme and provides a comfortable and firm grip to facilitate use. Specially selected filaments ensure efficient cleaning and durability. All sizes have plastic coated wire for gentle and safe cleaning.


Use a straight brush for the front teeth. Insert the brush gently between your teeth. Do not force the brush into a space. Work it gently or choose a smaller size. Move the brush full length back and forth a few times.

Between the back teeth, where the cheek sometimes makes it difficult to reach, access may be improved if you slightly curve the soft neck by adding pressure with your finger.

TePe Interdental Brushes have been thoroughly tested in terms of quality and durability, and  fulfil all requirements of the international standard for manual interdental brushes; ISO 16409:2006.

To meet the requirements of ISO 16409:2006, the wire shall withstand repeated bending for at least 20 cycles. Tests prove that brushes with the G2™ neck withstand well over 1000 repeated bending cycles.


Choose a brush size that will fit your interdental spaces. Very often more than one brush size is needed.  

Use the interdental brush once a day, preferably in the evening. Change brush when it is getting worn.

If you use an interdental brush of a larger size, access between the back teeth may be improved if you slightly curve the wire. 

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