Solgar Phytosterol Complex 1000mg Softgels 100 - Discontinued




  • Provides all-natural scientifically researched plant sterol formula derived from soybean and sunflower oils.
  • Complements diet and lifestyle measures to support healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Supports prostate health.

Solgar Phytosterol Complex contains plant sterols (phytosetrols) to support healthy cholesterol levels. High blood cholesterol is a major risk factor in the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Balancing cholesterol levels is important to the health of the cardiovascular system.  Two out of three adults have an elevated level of cholesterol that is higher than recommended. 

Phytosterols (otherwise known as plant sterols), are structurally similar to cholesterol.  Phytosterols appear to help reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol.  As the molecular structure of phytosterols is almost identical to cholesterol, the body is unable to tell the difference when phytosterols attach to cholesterol receptors in the intestines.

As there are limited numbers of receptors for cholesterol attachment and absorption, phytosterols are able to physically block the cholesterol and help prevent the body from absorbing it.

While phytosterols are found in a wide range of foods such as legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, they are only present in very small amounts (you would have to consume over 20 kg of fruit and vegetables to gain one gram of phytosterols!)

Ongoing research has also shown that beta-sitosterol, the most abundant dietary phytosterol may also support prostate health.

Researchers recommend an intake of approximately two grams of phytosterols daily to support optimal cholesterol levels. Two of Solgar Phytosterol Complex softgels twice daily equates to two grams, which can be taken either before or with food.


Active ingredients per 2 softgels:  
Phytosterol complex (from soy) 1000mg
Total sterol esters (including beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol, brassicasterol)  900mg

Other ingredients: gelatin, vegetable glycerin, caramel. 

Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar, sodium, artificial flavor, sweetener and preservatives.


Adults - Take 2 softgels twice daily with meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

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