Piksters Interdental Brushes Size 0 Silver Small 0.36mm Straight 40

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  • Straight shape.
  • Effectively cleans the gaps between teeth.
  • Orthodontic brush for braces.
  • Promotes a clean mouth and healthy gums.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reusable, can last up to 2 weeks per brush.
  • Strong, Stiff, plastic coated wire. Less buckling.
  • Small compact design.

Pikster interdental brushes are ideal for daily plaque control on healthy or inflamed gums in conjunction with your normal toothbrush. They are also an excellent cleaning aid for those who wear orthodontic wires or teeth that are splinted (wired together) for orthodontic retention or for periodontal support. Interdental brushes effectively clean between the teeth under the wires where it is hard to floss.

Pikster Interdental brushes effectively clean the indents (or hollows) between the roots of molar and premolars. These areas are called ‘furcations’. Dental floss is superior in some areas, such as the front teeth. It gets down under the spike of gum in between the teeth. But in hard to reach areas such as molar and premolars, interdental brushes may be better. Dental floss forms a straight line across the top of the furcation between the molar and premolars, whereas interdental brushes have bristles under compression that spring out sideways to clean these hollows, effectively removing plauqe and food particles. Plaque is a significant factor in decay and gum disease. Decaying food particles can also cause bad breath.

Piksters interdental brushes are small cylindrical brushes designed to slide into and clean the spaces between the teeth. Unlike floss, they have lateral bristles that spring out to engage  and remove the plaque in the small crevices in between the teeth. Dentists call these areas of furcations. As the picture shows floss tends to clean in a straight line across the two humps on either side of a furcation whereas an interdental brush can spring out and dig into these areas and disturb the plaque.

As they have a stiffened wire core you can clean the spaces between your teeth one-handed, unlike regular floss.This makes it easier for the average person to use. Whatever is easier to do you are more likely to do - so many dentists find that their patients like to use these in preference to floss.

In several dental schools in Europe the use of interdental brushes is now taught as the primary method of cleaning between the teeth, whereas in the past floss was mainly taught.

Piksters have plastic-coated wire, which many dentist and hygienists prefer, as they will not scratch any implants you may have.

Piksters ease of use tends to make people want to use them habitually - which is good because it is important to effectively remove the plaque and its bacteria at least once each day. 


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