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  • Eliminates mouth ulcer pain in seconds!
  • One-time use - no need to reapply.
  • Promotes naturally healing.

Oralmedic is a revolutionary and effective mouth ulcer treatment. It contains a patented formulation derived from HYBENX® technology.

HYBENX® formulations are selective in removing damaged oral mucosal tissues from the ulcer site after application. Oralmedic works by seeks out and attacks dead or damaged tissue. It then reacts within seconds, extracting water from the damaged tissue to create a seal or barrier over the site. This protects the site, thus facilitating the healing process and preventing further infection.


Contents per pack:
2 single use applicators each containing 0.2ml of HYBENX® solution and 2 drying cotton buds.

HYBENX® (Hydroxybenzenesulphonic acid, hydroxymethoxybenzenesulphonic acid, sulphuric acid, water, FD&C Red 40).


  • Firstly, dry the ulcer with the cotton drying bud.
 Oralmedic how to use -1
  • Remove the ORALMEDIC treatment stick from the packaging and hold it with the red circle facing upwards.  
 Oralmedic how to use_2
  • Gently bend the cotton bud at the red circle until it snaps.
  • Hold the treatment stick at a 45 degree angle.
  • Oralmedic will now flow to the opposite end of the cotton bud.
 Oralmedic how_to_use_3
  • Gently apply the treatment to the mouth ulcer, ensuring that the mouth ulcer is completely covered.  After a few seconds, rinse your mouth with water and spit out.

A single application per ulcer treatment is usually sufficient. Ulcer pain remaining immediately after rinsing with water is a sign that part of the ulcer was not covered. If this occurs, repeat application using a new applicator and rinse.

Why do I have to use a drying stick?
Oralmedic is hygroscopic i.e. it seeks out water.  By drying the ulcer with a drying stick before treatment, you are removing excess water (e.g. saliva) on the surface of the ulcer, enabling Oralmedic to get straight to work more quickly.

What to expect when using Oralmedic?

  • Sting upon application
    Mouth ulcers are always painful prior to treatment.  When applying Oralmedic the pain is intensified for several seconds before you rinse.  This is a normal result from using Oralmedic.
  • White patch after treatment
    Oralmedic will turn the area treated white.  This is quite normal and is caused by denaturing the tissue and removing water or saliva from the ulcer and the surrounding healthy tissue.  This is not a burn.  This white mark completely around the mouth ulcer is a good indication that you have completly covered the painful ulcer area.
  • No pain after treatment
    If pain persists several minutes after the brief sting during treatment, it generally means that a small portion of the ulcer may have been missed during treatment.  If this is the case, an immediate re-treatment is recommended; apply the swab for several seconds and rinse again.  The same cotton swab may be reused.

    Generally, one treatment is all that is needed. Once treated or immediately re-treated Oralmedic should not be reapplied to the treated mouth ulcer during the healing period.

Uncharacteristic Outcomes

  • Tissue "flaking off"
    After treatment, during the healing period, tissue may flake off.  This flaking is not unusual and may be a result of leaving Oralmedic on the mouth ulcer for too long or rubbing the treated area with your tongue for an extended period.  If tissue flakes off, but you are in no pain there is no need to reapply Oralmedic.
  • Swelling surrounding the treatment area
    Mild swelling can be the result of tissue fluids collecting in and around the treated area.  This condition will vary from person to person and is a normal and a temporary part of the healing process.

    Although not common, significant swelling around the mouth ulcer after treatment  can  be a sign that the person may have an allergic reaction to the product or the mouth ulcer was treated for too long.

    If excess irritation occurs during use, rinse thoroughly with plenty of wtaer. If condition persists, consult your doctor or dentist.
  • Numbness
    Some numbness before or after treatment is not uncommon and is not regarded as abnormal.


Oralmedic is not intended for the treatment of blisters in the mouth.

Do not treat an individual ulcer in more than one treatment session If pain persists, consult your doctor.

Do not use if allergic to materials that contain sulphur.

Do not use if you are pregnant, or on children under the age of 12.

Avoid eye contact. If eye exposure occurs, immediately remove any contact lenses, irrigate eyes for at least 15 minutes with water and seek immediate medical advice.

Avoid contact with clothing as it may discolour or damage.

Pharmacy Only

Medicines have benefits and some have risks.
Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your healthcare professional.

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