Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care Adults Tablets 30

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*** Discontinued product ***

  • Whitens teeth.
  • Freshens breath.
  • Supports gum and tooth health.
  • 100% natural and GMO free.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Refrigeration not required.

Oragenics Probiotics is the first probiotic mint that naturally supports gum and tooth health while freshening breath and whitening teeth.

Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care Adult is a 100% natural, revolutionary way to care for your teeth on a daily basis. The great tasting probiotic mint contains the patented beneficial bacteria blend, ProBiora3, which supports and maintains the good bacteria in the mouth, while fighting off the bad bacteria.

Traditionally, probiotics have been used to support digestive and immune health. Likewise, good bacteria play a hugely significant role in maintaining the health of our teeth. Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care Adult is the first probiotic mint specifically designed for complete oral care. This all-in-one product supports gum and tooth health, freshens breath and gently whitens teeth – just the way nature intended.

Daily use of Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care® Adult is a fast, easy and effective way to naturally promote oral health and economically replace mouthwashes, tooth whiteners and breath fresheners.
Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care Adult is 100% natural and GMO free, with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and is sugar, gluten, soy and dairy free.

Healthy Gums and Teeth
The patented ProBiora3 natural beneficial bacteria coat the teeth and deep under the gums, effectively fighting off the harmful bacteria that can damage oral health, leaving the good bacteria to flourish.

Fresher Breath - Every Day
Commercial gum and mouthwash only provides a temporary solution to halitosis by masking bad breath. The good news is that clean, fresh breath can be achieved by keeping the bad bacteria in the mouth balanced with good bacteria. The beneficial bacteria incorporated into Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care works to inhibit and exclude the destructive bacteria from overpopulating and creating the oral imbalances that cause bad breath. In contrast, commercial gum and mouthwashes indiscriminately eliminate both the good, beneficial bacteria, as well as the destructive bacteria in the mouth, creating unhealthy oral imbalances.

Whiter, Brighter Teeth
Many commercial teeth whitening products cause more harm than good. Excessively high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide have been shown to damage tooth enamel, causing micro-cracks in the teeth and sensitising both teeth and gums. The probiotic blend used in Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care releases a low level form of hydrogen peroxide as a normal by-product. The continuous low doses of hydrogen peroxide created by the ProBiora3 blend of beneficial bacteria naturally whiten your teeth – without any nasty side effects.

After just 30 days of one mint per day, the natural healthy oral balance of good bacteria will be vastly improved and you will notice a whiter, brighter smile and long-lasting fresh breath.


When an Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care mint melts on the tongue, the freeze-dried probiotics are activated and the beneficial bacteria attach themselves to the teeth, gum tissue and even deep beneath the gum line. These good bacteria compete for both nutrients and space, effectively crowding out the harmful oral bacteria.

The harmful bacteria in our mouth convert sugar and processed carbohydrates into lactic acid. This bacterial by-product is responsible for a decline in dental health, and unfortunately, the typical Western diet promotes the ongoing conversion to lactic acid by providing a constant source of simple carbohydrates for bacterial cell growth. The result is an unhealthy balance in oral micro flora.

With daily replenishment, the ProBiora3 beneficial bacteria used in Oragenics Probiotics for Oral Care helps to re-establish the natural microbial balance in the mouth for whiter teeth, fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums.


Active ingredients:
Each mint contains 600 Million CFU ProBiora3® (Streptococcus oralis KJ3™, Steptococcus rattus JH145™, Streptococcus uberis KJ2™)

Inactive ingredients:
Lactitol, Inulin, Glyceryl Behenate, Peppermint Flavour (natural), Spearmint Flavour (natural), Stevia Rebaudioside A (97%).


Use 1 mint once daily. For best results, use after brushing teeth. Allow the probiotic Oral Care mint to completely dissolve in mouth. Wait 30 minutes after using a mouthwash before using this product.

Recommended for ages 11 and older.

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