Omron Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-F128

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  • Soothe Therapy Program to relieve stiffness and numbness.
  • Relieve Therapy Program to relieve acute muscular pain.

Omron TENS Machine HV-F128 is the premium TENS device from Omron.  With 12 automatic therapy modes, the Omron HV-F128 can easily be set to offer either pain relief or muscle stimulation at the touch of a button.  The LCD screen displays the therapy time remaining and the frequency of the electronic stimulation being delivered.

TENS therapy can help to:

  • Relieves muscular pain and peripheral nerve pain.
  • Relaxes stiff shoulder and muscle spasms.
  • Relieves numbness and peripheral paralysis.
  • Recover from fatigue.
  • Improve blood circulation.

Omron TENS Machine HV-F128 provides 12 Auto Therapy Modes to soothe and relieve, for specific regions and massage types, and 5 Special Modes to select and adjust desired level of stimulation. Combine with Auto Therapy Modes for better effect.

Auto Therapy Modes :

  • Soothe Mode: Therapy for muscle ache.
    Treats with low frequency. Effective for stiff muscles and improve blood circulation.
  • Relive Mode: Therapy for muscular pain.
    Treats with high frequency at 120Hz. Effective for muscular pain in the lower back and joints.
  • Region Modes (6 programmes)
    Automatic therapy programme for the selected area.
  • Massage Modes (4 programmes)
    Relieves with your favourite massage programmes.

Special Modes:

  • Hyper Mode
    Increase stimulation intensity gradually. Effective for quick relief of muscular pain and spasms.
  • Soft Mode
    Gentle stimulation. Effective for recovery from fatigue and muscle ache.
  • Repeat Mode
    To repeat your favourite stimulation and massage modes.
  • Point and Wide
    For shoulder or small area - select POINT.
    For lower back or larger area - select WIDE.
  • Red and White (Balance)
    Adjust stimulation effect of the left and right pad for optimum therapy.

Electrode Cord, Type K (1 pc)
Electrode Pad HV-LLPAD (2 pcs)
Batteries (AAA batteries, 2 pcs)
Pad Holder (1 pc)
Soft Carry Case (1 pc)
Instruction Manual 


 For detailed instruction, please refer to User Manual


Do not use this device in combination with electronic implants such as pacemakers.

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