Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA with Vitamin D3 Drops 60ml

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  • Supports brain and visual development.
  • Supports healthy immune system.
  • Supports healthy nervous system development.
  • Third party tested showing no detected levels of heavy metals, dioxins or PCBs.

Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA supports development of the brain and visual system. It is made from 100% Arctic Cod Liver oil and is naturally high in the omega-3 DHA. DHA is essential for developing babies, and contains healthy levels of vitamins A and D.

The human brain grows at an incredible rate during the first few years of life. During this period, 75 percent of brain growth is completed. In the first year alone the brain more than doubles it size.

During this period of rapid growth, the brain is especially sensitive to nutrition, particularly the omega-3 DHA. DHA is the primary building block of brain tissue. Adequate intake of DHA is essential for proper brain development, and remains necessary throughout life to maintain brain health.

Vitamin A is essential for vision. Vitamin A is needed by the rods and cones in the eye's retina, responsible for night and daytime vision respectively. Impaired adaptation to changes in light and poor vision are often found in people low in vitamin A.

Vitamin A also plays a very important role in keeping our immune system strong by maintaining healthy cell membranes in the lungs. The positive effect of vitamin A on maintaining the normal integrity, function and secretions of our respiratory tract reduces the risk of the tissue becoming infected.

Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption for strong bones. It also helps to regulate immunity, mood and the neuromuscular system.

Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA uses 100% Arctic Cod livers. No fish body oils or synthetic additives are ever used. Arctic Cod (Skrei) has the highest DHA, vitamin A, and vitamin D content of any cod species. On average, Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil delivers over 125mg more DHA per serving than other Cod Liver Oil products.

Nordic Naturals' patented nitrogen-based processing technology protects the fish oils from all oxidation. This ensures the oils to be exceptionally fresh and without fishy smell or taste. Nordic Naturals fish oils are regularly tested by independent laboratories to be well below the strict Norwegian Medicinal Standard for freshness and are guaranteed to have no detected levels of contaminants.


Purified arctic cod liver oil, d-alpha tocopherol, rosemary extract, vitamin D3 (cholescalciferol in olive oil).

Contains vitamin E derived from refined soybean oil.

NO gluten, milk derivatives or artificial colours or flavours.


Active ingredients per 4ml:  
Omega-3s 1008mg
   EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) 328mg
   DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) 500mg
   other Omega-3s 180mg
Oleic acid (Omega-9) 480mg
Vitamin A 520-1200 I.U.
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 250 I.U.
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 5 I.U.



Body Weight Dose
5 to 10 lb (2.3 to 4.5 kg) 1ml
11 to 20 lb (5 to 9 kg) 2ml
21 to 25 lb (9.5 to 11 kg) 3ml
26 to 35 lb (12 to 16 kg) 4ml

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