Nailclin Nail Fungus Treatment Pen 4ml

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  • Based on natural ingredients
  • No nail filing necessary.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Visible result in 4 weeks.
  • Up to 400 applications per pen.

Nailclin is an effective method in which to treat mild to moderate nail fungus. With the convenient and easy to use brush pen, the formula can be directly applied to the targeted area.

Nailclin has a supportive physicochemical mode of action on fungi in the nail. The solution of Nailclin is able to penetrate the nail plate and alters the micro-environment by lowering the pH. This harsh micro-environment prevents the fungus from growing.

Treatment of a nail fungus infection is difficult because of the unique properties of the nail unit, including pores that contain fungi. An effective agent preventing fungi to proliferate must enter the affected tissue and persist there. This is exactly what Nailclin does!

Nailclin is able to penetrate the nail plate which is an essential step in the treatment. Ethanol is widely used as a penetration enhancer in topical and transdermal delivery. The ethanol in Nailclin, in combination with aqua, plays a crucial role in bringing the Nailclin lotion into the nail at the area where the fungus proliferates. Once in contact with the fungus, the lactic acid in Nailclin lowers the pH of the fungus environment, inhibiting them to grow. This outcome is reinforced by the presence of Thyme oil in the lotion. The natural phenols in Thyme oil are historically known for their safe use in herbal products. Thyme oil also forms a barrier between the fungus and the nail plate, interrupting the food source of the fungus. The proliferation of the fungus comes to a stop and once the infected portion of the nail has grown out and is removed, the fungus has disappeared. This also restores the natural colour of the nail. Most patients experience reduction of nail discolouration within 4 weeks.

It is important to use Nailclin regularly because the hostile environment in the nail must be ensured until the infected nail has grown out, or can be removed by clipping the nail. Since a nail does not grow quickly, Nailclin must be used for a long period. Depending on the severity of the fungal infection this process can take 6-12 months.

Nailclin is based on natural ingredients. The product is easy to use and must be applied once a day (during the first month twice a day), especially in the evening before going to sleep. The product should not be washed off. Nailclin is able to penetrate the nail plate and inhibits the grow of fungi in the nail.

Nailclin comes in a pen which consists of 4ml and can be used for up to 400 applications.


Ethanol, Aqua, White Thyme Oil, Lactic Acid and Eucalyptus citriodora.


Nailclin is easy to use, only three simple steps are needed!

STEP 1: Clean the affected nail with water

Make sure that the affected nail is clean and dry, remove nail lacquer. Filing of the nail is not required!

STEP 2: Apply Nailclin to the affected nail(s)

Remove the cap, rotate the bottom of the pen in the direction of the arrow, until the brush tip is damp (see picture). For the first time use it can take a while.

Apply a thin layer of Nailclin once a day before sleeping (during the first month twice a day). Let dry for a couple of minutes.

Nailclin should not be applied on the surrounding skin, this can cause skin irritation. Place the cap on the pen after application. The pen is empty when the brush tip no longer becomes damp during the turning of the pen.

STEP 3: Repeat daily

The best results can be gained by applying Nailclin to the affected nail daily. Visible results are expected within 4 weeks. To ensure that the nail fungus is completely treated, treat the nail with Nailclin until the nail has grown out. This can take up to 12 months for some nails.


Nailclin is not suitable for use by children below the age of 18.

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Fungal nail treatment

Product arrived promptly,well packaged,and at a competitive price even allowing for the freight cost.Thanks for the great service.

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