M&R Essentials Argan Oil Certified Organic 25ml

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  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing.
  • Smoothes and conditions hair.
  • Revitalising and conditioning for all skin conditions.
  • Helps prevent stretch marks and minimise scar tissue.
  • Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, phenols and squalene.
  • Certified organic.

M&R Essentials Argan Oil is a highly nutritious oil with superb moisturising, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties. Non-comedogenic and rapidly absorbed, Argan oil deeply moisturises and protects the skin and hair.

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree which is native to Morocco, thus it is also known as Moroccan oil. It is a rare and highly valued oil used for its nutritive, cosmetic and medicinal properties. The tree is a relic of the Earth's Tertiary Period, which ended about 1.6 million years ago, and it grows only in South Western regions of Morocco. It is tenacious during extended droughts, and it lives as long as 200 years. This typical Moroccan tree is also closely related to the Olive tree.

Argan oil is lustrous and rich, but very quickly absorbed. It has been used for centuries by the Berber tribe of Morocco. The kernels are ground and pressed by Berber women to make the nutty Argan oil for use in cooking and cosmetics.

Analysis reveals that Argan oil is remarkably rich in vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids, phenols and phenolic acid, phytosterols, and squalene.

Argan oil is revitalizing and conditioning for all sorts of skin conditions: dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles.

Argan oil has reputed anti-aging qualities. It regenerates, restructures and protects the skin’s youthfulness by stimulating intracellular oxygenation and neutralizing free radicals thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Argan oil also tones, restores and protects the cutaneous skin cells and underlying soft tissue thereby increasing elasticity. When used morning and night, this rapidly absorbed oil nourishes dull skin and brightens complexion.

Argan oil is also a nourishing treatment for all types of hair- curly, straight, fine, thick, oily or dry. It helps to strengthen your hair and stimulate regrowth.


100% pure certified organic Argan oil.

Free from artificial colours, preservatives, gluten and genetic modification.


Face care
Apply 3 to 4 drops to slightly damp skin morning and night after cleansing and before applying your daily moisturiser.

Hair care
Massage a few drops into damp hair.

For deep conditioning, apply liberally to hair and cover with a warm wet towel. Leave on for 30 minutes.

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