Lifestream Spirulina plus Vitamin C Powder Certified Organic 100g

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  • Provides a sustained long-lasting energy boost.
  • A vast range of natural nutrients.
  • A great support for your immune system.
  • For people run down during the ills and chills season.
  • 100% ethical, sustainable and certified organic.
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Lifestream Certified Organic Spirulina plus Vitamin C blends two of the world's best super foods into one stunning mix, providing a sustained long-lasting energy boost and a great support for your immune system.

Lifestream Certified Organic Spirulina contains high levels of energy and immune-boosting nutrients such as B complex vitamins, iron, protein, glycogen, phycocyanin, carotenoids and xanthophylls.

Lifestream Certified Organic Acerola is the only certified organic and truly complete vitamin C supplement containing all the natural vitamin C co-factors such as anthocyanin and bioflavonoids for optimum absorption. It is completely natural and does not contain any synthetic ascorbic acid or anything artificial.


Spirulina powder (82%), acerola powder (14%), tapioca starch powder (4%) - 100% certfiied organic.

Free from: gluten, milk derivatives, animal by-products, nuts, yeast, sugar, artificial colours, flavours, synthetics or preservatives

Servings per package: 30    
Serving size: 3.3g (1 rounded teaspoon)
  Quantity per serve Quantity per 100g
Energy 53.2KJ 1611KJ
Protein 1.8g 55.9g
Fat 0.2g 5.6g
 - saturated <0.1g 0.2g
Carbohydrate 0.9g 26.7g
 - sugars <0.1g 1.6g
Sodium 24.1mg 730mg
Chlorophyll 48.7mg 1475mg
Phycocyanin 0.5g 16.6g
Beta carotene 5.5mg 166mg
Zeaxanthin 4.0mg 120mg
Xanthophylls 6.8mg 205mg
Mixed carotenoids 14.2mg 429mg
GLA 19.8mg 600mg
Iron 2.6mg 80mg
Calcium 172mg 520mg
Zinc 99mcg 3mg
Chromium 9.6mcg 290mcg
Iodine 6.3mcg 190mcg
Vitamin C 71.7mg 2172mg
Vitamin B1 92mcg 2.8mg
Vitamin B2 195mcg 5.9mg
Vitamin B3 116mcg 3.5mg
Vitamin B6 92mcg 2.8mg



Starting up (first week): 1/2 rounded teaspoon of powder daily.

Improved energy and immunity: 1 rounded teaspoon daily. Take more often as required or desired.

Children 12 years and under:
Half the adult serving suggestion.


Lifestream Certified Organic Spirulina is the only fully certified organic spirulina approved by USDA NOP and Naturland that carries the prestigious USP Ingredients Verified Approval. It is bottled in glass, contains 100% pure vegetarian ingredients and is produced under ISO 14001 and HACCP standards. This is a truly natural, ethical, effective and sustainable health supplement.


Spirulina is rich in amino acids, including phenylalanine. People with phenylketonuria (a metabolic condition) should avoid taking spirulina. People with this rare condition cannot metabolise the amino acid phenylalanine.

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