HCH Cramp-Stop Refill 100ml

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  • Relieves pain fast.
  • No side effects.
  • All natural - drug free.
  • No interaction with other medication.

CRAMP-STOP is a well-proven formula for rapidly helping to restore normal muscle function in any situation.

CRAMP-STOP is designed for acute symptoms at any time - during the night, great for pregnancy and during all sports, yoga and pilates. The testimonies speak for themselves - it is one of the best and most effective products available!

Tried and tested with 14 years on the market, the original CRAMP-STOP is the world leader in combating acute muscle cramp!

Benefits and uses for Cramp-Stop include:

Sports - CRAMP-STOP is the world leader in restoring normal muscle function during a painful spasm. Avoid loosing valuable time by stopping cramp in its tracks. CRAMP-STOP will help you achieve your goal. Used by sportsmen and athletes around the world.

Pregnancy - Cramp is often a problem during pregnancy. Homeopathy is a safe and effective system of medicine to use while pregnant and can help quickly relieve these painful symptoms.

Cramp at night - If you get cramp at night after exercise, after a busy day, or as a result of taking other medication you can use CRAMP-STOP with confidence to relieve a painful spasm. Keep CRAMP-STOP by your bed so it is always handy.

General - CRAMP-STOP is designed to be used by anyone who suffers from muscle cramp at any time. It is made for acute use, helping to restore normal muscle function during a painful spasm.

Prevention - Although most effective once the symptoms come on, CRAMP-STOP - used 5 to 10 minutes before the start of an activity which you know is likely to bring on muscle spasm - can be enough to prevent or delay the onset.


Arn 6c; Mag Phos 6c, 12c; Cuprum Met 6c; Nux Vom 6c.


Spray once under the tongue at the onset of symptoms.


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