Great Lakes Unflavoured Porcine Gelatin 454g

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  • Excellent source of protein.
  • For use in regular and dietetic recipes.
  • Collagen joint care.
  • Servings per container: about 38

Great Lakes Porcine Gelatin provides you with the highest types of pure unflavoured edible gelatin. This gelatin represents a special grade of gelatin that meets the specifications set forth by the U.S. Pharmacopeia, regulated by National Formulary.

Gelatin is the purified protein derived by the selective hydrolysis of collagen from the skin, the connective tissue and/or bones of animals.

Gelatin will clump up in cold liquids. It is recommended to either dissolve in hot liquid or room temperature liquids which allows product to dissolve or swell.



Serving size 12g (about 1 Tbsp)        
Protein  11g 
Gelatin   12g 

Contains no additives or preservatives.


Take 1 tablespoon before or during breakfast and one before or during dinner. To help curb appetite, take before meals.

Mixing methods:

Room temperature liquids:
Pour one tablespoon into a glass of your favorite juice or drink. Allow to soak for one minute while stirring, then drink.

Hot Liquids:
Add on tablespoon to cold liquid for one minute, add HOT liquid and stir until dissolved

Cold or Hot Cereals:
Add one tablespoon to a bowl of hot or cold cereal and mix completely.

(one tablespoon gels one pint of liquid.)

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