Clinicians Zinc Oral Drops (1mg/drop) 30ml

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  • Provides elemental zinc in a highly absorbable and concentrated form.
  • Maintains healthy immune system.
  • Maintains healthy skin.
  • Supports production of healthy sperm.
  • Helps to maintain normal healthy sperm count.

Clinicians Zinc Oral Drops is a highly absorbable and concentrated form of zinc. It provides 5mg of zinc per 5 drops of solution.

Zinc is an important trace mineral required for the functioning of over 200 known enzymes. It is also required for the proper action of hormones such as insulin, growth hormones and the sex hormones.

Zinc is also important for proper immune function, would healing, skin health and sexual function.

Zinc is an important micronutrient for the overall health and development of infants and young children, and it becomes depleted during diarrhoea. Replacing lost zinc is an important way to help children recover from diarrhoea and stay healthy after the episode.

Studies have shown that zinc treatment results in a 25% reduction in duration of acute diarrhoea and a 40% reduction in treatment failure or death in persistent diahrroea. The studies determined that a 10-day therapy of zinc treatment can considerably reduce the duration and severity of diarrheal episodes, decrease stool output, and lessen the need for hospitalization. Zinc may also prevent future diarrhea episodes for up to three months.

World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) recommend the use of zinc treatment with oral rehydration solution in the treatment of acute diarrhoea in children. WHO and UNICEF specifically recommend daily 20mg zinc supplements for 10 days for children with acute diarrhoea and 10mg per day for infants under six months old to reduce the severity of the diarrhoea and prevent further occurrences in the ensuing two to three months.


Active ingredients in 5 drops:
Zinc (as zinc sulfate)       5mg


Adults - Take 5 drops in fluid once daily or as directed.

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