Bygum Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid 1 Litre




  • 100% natural formula.
  • Top or front loaders & hand washing.
  • For everyday use.
  • Including woollens & other delicates.
  • Provides up to 30 fantastic washes. 

Bygum Everyday Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid contains a blend of powerful naturally derived soaps and 100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil to clean and freshen your everyday laundry items in hot or cold water including woollens and delicates.

bygum everyday eucalyptus laundry liquid is tough on dirt and odours but gentle on all types of garments.

bygum everyday eucalyptus laundry liquid is suitable for hand or machine washing (top or front loaders) and in hot or cold water.

Bygum Everyday Laundry Liquid is also grey water and septic safe.

The large quantity of 100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil in Bygum Everyday Laundry Liquid provides additional and effective cleaning as well as deoedorising and freshening. 

Bygum Everyday Laundry Liquid does not contain any bleaches, whitening agents or chemical sanitisers.

1 litre of Bygum Everyday Laundry Liquid provides up to 30 fantastic washes.

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