Atopis Acne Prone Skin Cream 30g

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  • Clinically shown to improve skin texture.
  • Cleanses skin's pores, and nourishes skin.
  • Supports clearer, softer and smoother skin.
  • No parabens, no solvents, no artificial fragrances.
  • Made in New Zealand.

Atopis Acne Prone Skin Cream gently exfoliates and calms all skin types, including acne-prone skin while helping to regulate skin oils and sebum. Atopis moisturises and invigorates skin, leaving the skin feeling energised and soft. Atopis retexture the skin and reveals the next layer of skin.

Specially formulated for everyday use. Atopis Acne Prone Skin Cream is safe for long-term use.

The unique probiotic ingredient in Atopis Myriphytase extract is the difference between suffering from skin conditions and feeling confident about your beautiful skin.

Whereby most acne treatments wipe out all bacteria on the face (good and bad) allowing for the bad, acne-causing bacteria to creep back in, Atopis actively boosts the production of good bacteria and kills off the bad, creating a healthy natural balance. The Atopis all-natural acne cream, which is free from steroids and other chemicals, is suitable all ages, all body parts and daily use. A must-use for stubborn areas of acne, especially on the face and back


Aqua, Myriphytase extract (Cocos nucifera (coconut)) water, Bee pollen, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Notofagus fuca honeydew, Propolis, Glycerin, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, Cetearyl alcohol, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Manuka honey, Sodium benzoate, Gluconic acid, Corylus rostratat (hazelnut) seed oil, Salicylic acid.


Apply twice daily for best results. You may notice a slight tingling sensatin of the skin. This is normal and will subside. Safe for the face and body.

If irritation should occur, discontinue use.

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