How to make your life battery last longer! – The healthy-aging supplement that has everybody talking.

Time waits for no man

Or woman for that matter. Ageing is truthfully unavoidable, but healthy-aging and beauty treatments are now a $250 billion dollar (and growing) industry, so it seems that everyone wants to avoid at least looking any older. Researchers believe that they are finally digging into something that is showing some real promise and it turns out that the answer was found within us this whole time, in fact, it is found inside every living cell in the world, A compound called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD for short.

Are your batteries running low?

Scientists have been studying NAD and the role it plays in the aging process since 1906. They have found that this “fountain of youth” compound fuels the mitochondria, which is the source of energy for every cell. The prevailing theory is that the decrease in mitochondrial function is linked to the ageing process. Think of mitochondria as the battery in your phone. The less juice it has, the worse it functions, and NAD is the juice!


All our cells depend on having a healthy supply of NAD to function properly.

Low levels of NAD are associated with higher risk of accelerated ageing and even heart disease. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease have also reported an improvement when taking an NAD supplement. In other words, you definitely don’t want to be walking around with your phone on 1%, it is time to quickly plug into a charger.

Can we support our NAD levels?

In 2004, a landmark study by Dr. Charles Brenner uncovered a unique molecule called nicotinamide riboside. Yes another fun word to say, but we can call this NR for short. This is an exciting new development because NR was found to be able to sustainably support healthy NAD levels in people.

Recharge your batteries with Tru Niagen.

NR is a vitamin that is found naturally in milk, but only in small amounts. A scientist named Dr. Brenner has since patented a way to collect NR and has exclusively licensed and developed it as NIAGEN®.

Tru Niagen is an efficient NAD precursor – meaning it supports your NAD levels every time you take it!

Walking around with your phone fully charged would feel pretty great wouldn’t it?

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