Red 8

Red 8 was established in the late 1990′s, born out of athlete Jim Bedwell’s passion for sport, fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Jim’s sporting achievements include 6 New Zealand Ironmen (top 10 finish), 3 Hawaiian Ironmen (sub 9.5 hour) and 2 Japanese Ironmen (top 20 finish), the Longest Day – Speights Coast to Coast and the Xerox challenge (top 10 finish).

With this experience as an elite athlete and body builder came an intense interest in protein and a belief in healthy nutrition, that has grown into a thriving nutritional business.

In 1999 Jim wrote and published a book on modern nutrition and supplementation (Mike Kerrisk co-wrote the nutrition section.) This book can still be found in many health-food stores.

Red 8 produces products that are not only for sports people, but for everybody who needs help getting their diet right.

Red 8′s Protein Plus range has been developed to provide the ‘missing link’ in dietary supplements – protein. Protein Plus range of products offer a variety of protein options that can be used as delicious shakes or as ingredients in cooking. In the range you will find healthy energy food drinks for kids, fortified protein shakes for over 50s as well as a range of non-dairy and gluten free protein sources for those suffering intolerances or allergies.

Red 8 products contain no artificial colours and sweeteners – it is New Zealand’s most natural range of protein supplement products.

Red 8 products are made in New Zealand to the highest quality standards.

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