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Pure Peony incorporates the anti-flammatory and anti-bacterial properthy of peony to calm and help heal irritated skin.

All of the peony root used in Pure Peony products is harvested from Pure Peony's own organic plantation which is located a 45 minute drive from Nelson city, in the south island of New Zealand. Pure Peony are committed to environmental sustainability. Our packaging and distribution is environmentally friendly, using glass and recyclable materials where possible. 

Pure Peony grow peonies organically in a very special valley with a unique climate that really benefits peonies. In the winter our temperatures go down to -9 Celsius and occasionally have been known to have snow, but most winters will experience severe frosts. In summer comes huge blue skies and very still hot days up to 32 degrees. All peonies are grown on a stony free draining soil and the paddocks abound with colour from October through to December. In Autumn Pure Peony harvest their peony root and it is dried in a purpose built organic drying facility onsite in accordance with Peony Root harvesting protocols as outlined by British Pharmacopeia. 

The active ingredient in white peony root, paeoniflorin, is scientifically proven and has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese, Ayurveda and European herbal medicine for it’s anti-inflammatory and calming properties.  


  • Is Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces itchiness
  • Is Antibacterial
  • Soothes and moisturizes
  • Promotes natural healing  

Peony root is independently tested by the Cawthron Institute in Nelson to establish the paeoniflorin levels.

The soil has been independently tested by Hills Laboratory to confirm soil purity.

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Picture of Pure Peony High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy 80ml

Pure Peony High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy 80ml

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Picture of Pure Peony Peony Root Moisturiser 150ml

Pure Peony Peony Root Moisturiser 150ml

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