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Parakito is a 100% natural insect repellant free from DEET or IR3535. It is safe for the whole family, including pregnant women, providing effective moisquito protection in all zones, both tropical and temperate regions.

Parakito can be worn day and night to repel mosquitoes. Long lasting, each Parakito pellet last for 15 days and are waterproof, meaning that swimming, heavy rain or any contact with water does not affect the product's efficacy.

Parakito pellet is chemical free and does not come in contact with the skin. It is suitable for pregnant women and young children, and is recommended for individuals susceptible to skin allergies and irritations. 

Each Parakito Pellet is infused with 7 plant-based essential oils:

  • Lavender - extract from the flower
  • Mint (pepper) - extracted from the leaves
  • Geranium - extract from the leaves
  • Citronella - extracted from the leaves
  • Clove buds - from madagascar
  • Pine bark - from the trunk of the pine tree
  • Patchoulli - extracted from the leaves

The blend of these 7 essential oils makes it harder for the mosquito to find (smell) blood as it confuses the mosquito and masks the presence of humans.

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