Nurofen FeverSmart Temperature Monitor

$139.90 NZD



  • Continuous and accurate real-time temperature monitoring.
  • No need to disturb the child's rest to measure temperature.
  • Clearly indicates whether temperature is normal, moderate or high.
  • Can send notifications if temperature is in the high range.
  • Stores temperature data for sharing with a health care professional.
  • User can track medicine given and symptoms other than temperature.

Nurofen FeverSmart Temperature Monitor is a clever armpit Temperature Monitor consists of a sensor and an app which measures the temperature of your child continuously without the need to wake them. The app can notify you when the temperature goes high based on the age of the child.

Nurofen FeverSmart can be used from birth. The adhesive is medical grade silicone, ultra-sensitive and provides easy removal.

Low energy Bluetooth is used to transmit temperature measurements, with emissions considerably lower than phones and other household items.

The Bluetooth range is up to 40m in open sight. The base station should be within 1.5m of the monitor.


Step 1:
Connect your FeverSmart Monitor to the FeverSmart App.

Step 2:
Place the Monitor under your child’s arm with the ultra-sensitive FeverSmart adhesive patch.

Step 3:
Monitor your child’s temperature over time.