Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester

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  • Convenient saliva test, anytime, anywhere.
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Maybe Baby is an ovulation predictor that tests your saliva for oestrogen. It works by creating a highly-magnified image of your dried saliva that can show the tiny crystals caused by the high levels of oestrogen present around ovulation. Maybe Baby can help maximise the possibility for a successful pregnancy.

When dried saliva is viewed through a microscope it reveals distinct patterns. These patterns will help your determine which stage of your cycle you are in.

Increased oestrogen levels can be detected in the saliva of women three to four days prior to ovulation and reaches its peak during the day of ovulation. High levels of oestrogen are evident in a saliva sample when viewed through a microscope. 

During these times, the high levels of oestrogen form a distinctive pattern that is visible in dried saliva and looks like a fern through the Maybe Baby ovulation microscope.
During a low oestrogen phase, you will see other patterns in your dried saliva that look like dots or pebbles. When you see these patterns, you are not likely to conceive.

(Please note that these images are a guide – they are illustrated here with black for clarity, but you will see them as translucent or grey patterns against the green background).


1. A pattern of pebbles or dots indicates a low oestrogen phase when you are not ovulating or not near ovulation. Your chances of conceiving during this time are low.



2. A combination of pebbles and small ferns reveals the transitional phase when oestrogen levels are rising, usually in the 2 to 3 days before ovulation. You can increase your chances of falling pregnant by having intercourse when you see the transitional phase and during full ferning.


3. A distinctive, full fern pattern will be seen during ovulation, when oestrogen levels are high. This is your optimum fertile period, the best time to become pregnant. If you are trying to conceive, have intercourse when you see the full fern patterns.


4. For the 2-3 days after ovulation, the transitional phase will usually appear again, but can be ignored. You are very unlikely to get pregnant if you have intercourse more than 24 hours after ovulation.


5. Ferning around the menstrual cycle can occur but does not relate to ovulation and should be ignored.


Maybe Baby can complement other methods of ovulation detection, such as basal body temperature tracking, cervical mucous testing and LH-testing/ OPK (urinary ovulation tests).

Charting your oestrogen readings daily will help you become more familiar with your own ovulation cycle and allow you to build a  personal ovulation calendar.  Over time, this will help you predict your most fertile period each month.

And because Maybe Baby is 98% accurate if used correctly, you will be able to pinpoint when you ovulate and the days preceding ovulation with confidence so you know when you are most likely to conceive every cycle.

Please note that there are NO products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy, and not all women have peak oestrogen levels high enough to be detected with a Maybe Baby microscope. Maybe Baby is designed to improve the chances of conception, but may not be suitable for everyone. If in doubt, please speak to us, your pharmacist, or your doctor before buying Maybe Baby.


It only takes a few moments to use Maybe Baby, and it's 98% accurate when used properly. Please follow the instructions and images in this guide.

Please ensure that you have not had anything in your mouth besides water for at least three hours prior to using Maybe Baby.  This includes but is not limited to chewing gum, cigarettes, food, mouthwash, toothpaste, and drinks except water.  We suggest this because anything that touches your saliva besides water may affect your saliva and prevent an accurate reading. You may find it most convenient to use Maybe Baby first thing in the morning.


Clean the viewfinder  with the lint-free cloth provided.  The viewfinder has two sides: the outside is the part you look through (the eyepiece or lens), and the inside is the flat glass surface where you put your saliva (the slide).  Gently rub the cloth across the flat glass surface inside the viewfinder.  You may find it helpful to moisten the slide with a bit of saliva before wiping it, but please only use saliva and a lint-free cloth like the one provided – water or other cleaning products may damage the microscope or scratch the slide.


Using a clean fingertip, lightly place a dab of saliva on the the flat internal glass surface on the inside of the viewfinder. Let the saliva dry for approximately 10 minutes. The indication of oestrogen in the saliva (i.e. the fern pattern) will only appear in a dry saliva sample.  Please note that if the saliva is not dry after 15 minutes, you have used a bit too much; if it dries in under 5 minutes, you have not used quite enough. Consider setting a timer to help you keep track of time. If your saliva sits for more than 15 minutes, you may not get an accurate reading.


Replace the viewfinder into the microscope.


Press the light switch on the bottom of the Maybe Baby microscope and keep it pressed down while you look through the lens.

Hold the eyepiece up close to your eye and look through the lens. To focus the image, turn the black focussing ring on the viewfinder until the picture is nice and sharp.

The patterns should be very apparent.  They will be translucent or greyish against the green background.



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