Forwarts Wart Remover 35ml

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  • Revolutionary freezing technology. 
  • Treats warts and veruccas. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe to use on children from 4 years and over. 
  • Contains at least 10 treatments.

Forwarts Wart Remover is a medical device that has been developed to treat warts and veruccas.

Warts are small, benevolent growths of the skin that are identifiable by their cauliflower-like shape. They are caused by the "human papiloma virus" (HPV) and are very contagious. The virus loves warm and moist areas of the skin where it can penetrate the skin with ease. Warts often appear on hands and feet and are described as ugle, annoying, irritating and painful.

The most widespread occurence of warts in humans are common warts (warts on hands) and veruccas (warts on feet).

Forwarts treats the wart by making use of a unique, patented dosing system that sprays a very precise jet of cooling gas, freezing it to its core quickly. The nozzle of Forwarts and the included safety patches ensure that the surrounding tissue is minimally affected.

Forwarts is easy and ready to use without any preparation, each treatment only takes 10 seconds on hand, 15 seconds on feet and after two weeks the wart will fall off the skin. For more persistant warts treatment might need to be repeated.


Contains 35ml of Dimethyl Ether (cooling gas)


First time use: Familiarise yourself with the method by holding the device comfortably in one hand. Spray 3 seconds in the air with the nozzle pointing downwards.

Step 1: Place the nozzle on the wart. Make sure the surrounding skin connects closely to the device and stabilize your arm on a surface. This way is easy to keep focus.

Step 2: Press the can slowly downwards with the thumb.

Step 3: Spray the wart for 10 seconds (wart on hand) or 15 seconds (wart on foot).

It is highly recommended to use a timer during the treatment. Overexposure to the cooling gas can cause cold thermal burns.

If the wart is much smaller than the Forwarts opening it is recommended to place a suitable saftey patch around the wart that prevents the healthy skin from being damaged! Please note that the maximum effect is reached by freezing 1mm strip of healthy tissue together with the wart.

If the verucca is calloused it is recommended to soak the foot in lukewarm water and to remove the callus before use. 10 minutes of soaking should be sufficient to improve the results.

Dry your feet thoroughly before applying Forwarts.

If necessary, repeat the treatment after 14 days. Larger, more persistent warts are more likely to need additional treatments. It is not recommended to treat the same wart more than 6 times. If the wart does not fall off, or if it causes discomfort, please seek medical advice from your physician.


Forwarts is a medical device. Use with caution. Always read the enclosed information leaflet carefully before use.

Do not use Forwarts:

  • On children under the age of 4.
  • On sensitive skin.
  • On other areas of the body besides hands and feet. Especially do not use on warts that have hair or are bleeding.
  • On areas that have diminished blood supply or neurological function.
  • In combination with other wart removing products.
  • If you are not sure if the growth is a common wart.
  • For longer than indcated on this instruction for use.
  • When you are allergic to the ingredient, Dimethyl Ether.
  • If you are a diabetic or have an impaired immune system.

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